The idea for the album and the whole series came to me when I was pondering over 9/11. What if United States were just a piece in a global puzzle? What if the attackers were unknown and their intentions and plans were veiled?

How would I, a resident of Europe, citizen of a capitol city in a large country, would act if I were to pack my belongings, leave my home and travel several thousand kilometers. What would be if the whole world as we know it, were to disappear and was replaced by new states, social order, settlements and cities. In other words: what we have here, is a classic post-apocalyptic scenario.

„Strange Years: Autumn”, is part one of our graphic novel. I wrote the story and a brilliant artist Michał “Śledziu” Śledziński created art and lettering. We spend much time working on a story, creating protagonists, all the time trying to think outside of the box. Did we succeed? – see for yourself.

In the „Strange Years” setting you’ll find many references to movies, literature and art, as well as to broadly defined mass culture. We wanted you to find this “easter eggs” yourself, while having as much fun discovering them as we had making them up.

Main protagonists are two young men in their twenties. They vaguely remember 9/11 events. Elvis’ and Reuben’s adventure begins when they meet a mysterious scientist, obsessed with apples and circles, a redheaded innovator, that wants to unite people and a Afro-American prophet that was foretold to change the world…

We’ve planned four albums (it’s not hard to guess that after “Autumn”comes “Winter”, “Spring” and “Summer”) and if only time allows we’ll also create an interactive application – an animated comic book. It all depends on yours and other readers’ reaction to the first chapter. Why we don’t want you to pay for the graphic novel and even add a free soundtrack? Firstly, because we want our work to reach the largest group possible. Secondly, because we want to thank that way all people that inspired us and those that helped us make it all happen – there are so many of you that I ask you to accept our loud “Thank you!”. Filip Szczęśniak handled the English translation, Piotr Koszewski composed the music and the application was created by Can Explode (http://www.canexplode.com/). Download the comic and share your link with others – that will be a great way to appreciate all work and toil that we put into creating this album.




Artur Kurasiński

Founder & CEO of “Fokus - smarter analytics” (getfokus.com/en). Enterpreneur focused on supporting and investing in early start-ups. Mentor and IT bloger. Co-founder of Aula Polska (biggest polish monthly event for start-ups).

Michał Śledziu Śledziński

graphic novel artist and writer. Born in 1978 in Bydgoszcz, raised in Szwederów. Right now lives in a pad in Warsaw.

He started his career by publishing his gaming-oriented comic strips in Polish video game magazines (Secret Service, Gambler, Świat Gier Komputerowych). Those titles included: . Fido & Mel, Fido & Mel: Na kozetce, 2001 among others. At the same time he’s been co-creating a popular fanzin “Azbest” as an artist, writer and EIC.

By the end of 1999 together with a group of artists from Bydgoszcz he creates “Produkt” a comic book magazine and becomes its Editor-in-Chief. Artists from every side of Poland quickly joined in. This is also where his most popular series –“Osiedle Swoboda” debut. That comic was deluged with awards, build a strong fanbase and even made a single enemy. Due to its popularity a trade paperback edition and six-part follow-up series were also released.

He is an author of awarded albums: ”Na szybko spisane” (ongoing), “Wartości rodzinne” (four albums) and a co-author of ”Na Jedno Pub” (draft and scrip by Karol KRL Kalinowski). He’s published in several comic anthologies (”Kompot”, ”Japonia widziana oczyma 20 autorów”, ”Piekielne wizje”), he worked as an artist for advertising campaigns (Pepsi, BBDO) as well as for the press (Newsweek, Gazeta Wyborcza). The first part of his newest series ”Czerwony Pingwin musi umrzeć! ”  was released in May 2013.

A hardcore gamer (fancies only consoles)